Direct selling businesses are registered, certified, and governed differently all over the world, depending on individual markets. When ARIIX began pursuing business opportunities in South Korea, we knew we would go above and beyond regular business operations to put our company through rigorous evaluations and regulations in order to receive certification through the prestigious Korea Direct Selling Association (KDSA).

KDSA plays an integral role in the multi-level marketing industry in South Korea. Through their strict evaluation process, they successfully weed out MLM businesses whose intentions and ethics are not completely pure and honest, which is part of the reason there are only 68 KDSA-approved direct selling companies operating within the country.

We are happy to say that ARIIX recently became a registered member of the KDSA. Under the KDSA, MLM companies receive guidance, national public relation campaigning, and protection of company, customer, and representative rights as well.

We are incredibly pleased to be able to increase our opportunity throughout Korea and are very proud of all the work it took in order to obtain this prestigious KDSA certification. Without the tireless efforts of a team of ARIIX individuals passionate about unleashing the human potential in Korea, this advancement would not have been possible. We look forward to working alongside KDSA in order to continue to shape and define the MLM culture, as well as set the pace in Korea.

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